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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  December 22, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this morning, the clouds and even some flurries moving from eastern ohio right across the region but checking visibilities, still running 10 miles in many areas. it is reaching the ground. but live doppler net in western maryland, a few areas from cumberland to romney in west virginia showing us snow showers. 6:00 a.m., let's get your timesaver traffic with chris sneed. >> quiet commute all morning long. green light shows no problems going through the overview. no icons, nothing but green means we have no incidents to report. zooming on over to 270, taking a live look at germantown road. we're having a slowdown. route 80 to 109. volume pick up here at germantown down toward i-370. moving back over to our graphics, the outer loop of the beltway. we're starting to see that fill out now. as we're taking a live look at coleville road. about an extra minute or two there for drivers not too bad yet. finally, let's take a look at travel times, 66 eastbound. that is taking you 11 minutes
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right now. 267, the toll road taking you 6 minutes. on the inner loop from the mixing bowl all the way up past the toll road, 13 minutes. we'll have more traffic coming up at 6:11. andrea, over to you. let's get to some of the stories happening today. prince george's county executive baker is talking about the budget. he'll address the county's financial future this morning in upper marlboro. >> d.c. mayor elect vincent gray will be filling out more of his cabinet today. he's expected to announce five new appointments. he'll do that this afternoon at the reed center. >> they'll be talking about the future of walmart in the district. it is subject of the meeting at a bridges in takoma. president obama will sign the repeal of the don't ask, don't tell into law. >> he'll do it during a ceremony at the department of the interior. lindsey mast sis live on capitol hill with a preview. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. don't ask, don't tell was implemented back in 1993 and because of it, more than 14,000
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members of the military have been discharged. even though the repeal has passed here on capitol hill, it doesn't mean the changes will take effect immediately. [ cheering ] >> this is margaret witt. she traveled from washington state to washington, d.c. and will be there when president obama signs the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. she was discharged from the air force for being a lesbian. >> it has been a lot of dark years when we thought we wouldn't make progress but we have. slowly but surely, step by step, two steps forward, one step back. we did it. >> the senate voted 65-31 to overturn the policy and that included eight republicans. but there is concern about the long-term challenges of the repeal. >> they will do what is asked of them. but don't think that it won't be of great cost. >> this is harmful during a time of war and irresponsible manner in which to change policies that the commandant of
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the marine corps has stated could risk lives. >> reporter: now, the pentagon has an 87-page report in which they have planned to implement this. but they still have to rewrite some of their policies. after president obama signs the repeal into law, it will take another 60 days to be implemented. reporting live on capitol hill, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> thank you, lindsay. it is going to be a pretty busy day on capitol hill. the senate is poised to hand president obama a victory by approving his nuclear arms treaty with russia. the new s.t.a.r.t. treaty will pass thanks to 11 republicans who will join the democrats in this. the key test vote on the bill to provide healthcare for 9-11 first responders. the $6.2 billion plan would provide coverage throughout the next decade. >> while you slept, montgomery county police search for a killer. the victim of a 19-year-old man. >> he was found in glenmont section of silver spring. police found him shot outside a
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home on hutchinson lane and he died a short time later. police are looking for two men who had some kind of contact with the victim. the victim's name is not being released at this point. >> also, while you slept, first responders in california kept an eye on the ferocious storm there. it is being called the worst rainstorm in a decade with some of the worst of it coming overnight. governor arnold schwarzenegger declared an emergency in six counties. hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes. we now know why a maryland man died outside the d.c. 9 nightclub back in october. it is leading to more questions though. the medical examiner's report shows ali mohammed died in a homicide caused by "excited delirium, heart abnormalities, alcohol intoxication and physical exertion." he died outside d.c. 9 after apparently throwing a brick through the club's front window. five men were charged with beating him to death. the charges were dropped. mohammed's family says they feel vindicated by the report
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though. >> they're hoping that the u.s. attorney's office will take that and all other factors into consideration. in terms of recharging the people responsible. >> now, it is important to note when pathologists use the word homicide, they mean another person somehow contributed to someone's death. but it does not necessarily mean a crime. the way prosecutors or police would use that term. the ex-boyfriend of a missing woman with ties to our region is now a person of interest in her disappearance. debbie flores navarre es is a former redskins cheer lead who vanished last month. >> we have spoken with her ex- boyfriend. he stated that they did have a short conversation. she then left in her vehicle and when she left, everything was fine and she seemed to be fine. >> however, navarre es did accuse the boyfriend of domestic abuse in october. right now, he's not facing any charges in her disappearance.
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with the holiday closing in, a lot of people will be driving around town and out of town for christmas and new year's. so, vdot says they'll make sure the roadwork does not get in your way. they'll shut down the temporary work zones starting noon thursday and it will not reopen until monday. it will be closed again december 30th through january 3rd. at 6:06, jessica doyle is here with a special your money report. >> forget shopping for mom, dad or your spouse. we're going shopping for your pets today. >> we love our babies. our pets. right? if you're among the six in ten households with a pet, you probably treat the little guy like a member of the family and that also means putting something special under the tree. for spot or puff. >> this christmas, we aren't forgetting our favorite furry friends. >> not only buying for their own pets, they're buying for their friend's pets, for their family's pets, for grand dogs. >> jessica simon says with the
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frigid weather, a dog sweater is a great gift idea. >> sweaters for little guys, we've got sweaters for big guys, the plain embarrassing. it really depends on which way you want to go. >> how about something a little less practical? >> all of the holiday toys are always popular. they're fun. they're festive. >> like this vintage santa. >> they're cute. they're happy. >> furry on the back. >> shoppers are also dressing up their own homes with some pet chic. >> clean out the old stuff, the old stinky dog bed that's been in the corner and get a new one. they all have removable covers. you can wash them all. >> the holidays are a good time to think new year, new you. how about for your pets? >> it is a lot of treat options for different dietary needs, a lot of different foods for dietary needs. >> for that cat with a little extra pudge -- >> you fill this up with their favorite food or treat, they can roll it around and they have to work for their food. perfect for the slightly overweight cat in your life called the slim cat.
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>> i love the slim cat. the american pet products association says we're going to spend $47.7 billion on our pet this year. that's up 5% from last year. speak of last year, the association saw holiday spending on pets rise more than 5%. it is -- speaking of spending on your pets -- i happen to know someone who has a little pet costume that we want to show you. >> we decided that we needed to look like santa. so, we buy kiwi his santa outfit and my husband thought the actor wills were just the right -- the antlers were the right touch. you can see how enthusiastic he is. >> he liked the santa suit though and lowey was trying to pull it off of him. >> that's the cutest thing i've ever seen. >> you know from facebook postings how we put lowey on with her juicy outfit courtesy of aunt alicia. >> juicy for the dog. >> members of the family. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> thank you, jessica.
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here is a look at what's coming up. continuing on this hour in 9news now. >> making sure our troops and their families have a happy holiday. at 6:12, the efforts of the local uso. >> we're talking about net neutrality. what it is and how it will affect you when you're surfing the web. >> up next though, howard has our wednesday forecast. your weather first is 90 seconds away.
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>> we're, looking at the clouds this morning. maybe a few flurries. some reported by steve. temperatures will be slow to rise into the upper 30s by noon. more sunshine this afternoon topping out near 40 degrees. the winds picking up tonight. andrea? >> thank you, howard. this morning, a symbol of defiance. >> chris, go ahead. >> we're taking a look at 95 southbound in maryland. we've got no problems 198 to the beltway. everything is looking good there. we'll have more traffic coming up at 6:18. andrea, now over to you. >> thank you, chris. this morning, a symbol of defiance and a symbol of the holidays all in one. in south korea. it is one of the stories making news at 6:11. for the first time in seven years, a huge steel christmas tree is lit near seoul.
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it can be seen across the border, north korea is condemning the action as propaganda. the woman who brought a gun to a charlotte television station never loaded it. she pointed it at her head for about an hour before police took her into custody. they say she was upset over her financial situation. >> for now, most flights between washington and london are on time today. heathrow airport is slowly getting back up to speed after this week's snowstorm. people have been sleeping in the terminal for days. mike? thank you, andrea. this time of year can be really difficult for members of the military and their families. the uso is making sure though they have the best holiday possible. joining us this morning is cheryl laker hall, the coo of the uso. >> that's right. >> in the metropolitan washington area. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having us. >> tell us what the uso does for families in the washington area. plenty of people left behind. also troop overseas. you guys sure do a lot. >> we have a large population of military here locally.
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over 500,000 men and women and their families live in the washington, d.c. metropolitan region. we also have the fortunate service of being able to get the passersby. we have centers at dulles and reagan and national. and andrews air force base, too. so, we have a lot of the transient population that come through. our job is to make their days brighter. >> you have a lot of opportunity to do that. we were talking about you love going to work. >> i love going to work. >> what about the troops that are in walter reed medical center. they're recovering, they can't necessarily leave the hospital. making their day a little brighter has to be an important job, too. >> absolutely. whether it is providing programs for the families that are bedside. helping their service member get through things. we have a lot of service members we've helped to get home for the holidays so they can be out of the hospital situation for a little while. but just little things. i mean really, it is the little things that matter the most in these particular situations. just letting them know that there are people out there
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caring for them. and bridging a little sunshine into their day. we've helped with gifts for families. we've helped with spa days. we've helped with just a number of things to help brighten their time. >> so, it is really valuable work. how can our viewers help? how can we help the uso do what we do? >> we had a telethon here. >> yep. >> we were able to help 1200 families have thanksgiving meals. >> oh, wow. >> we just provided gifts to 1300 military children in the area that were in need this holiday season. there's really literally hundreds of ways. simply when you're in the airport today, traveling for the holidays and you see somebody in uniform, stop and shake their hand and say thank you. >> can they donate money? can they donate anything? and they can do that just by looking -- >> absolutely. >> you know, we encourage everybody to log on to uso or they can go on to our
6:15 am
national web site if they're interested in helping troops overseas at there are usos throughout the country. we encourage people to remember our troops this holiday season and do whatever they can to show their support. >> cheryl laker hall, thanks for coming to visit us this morning. >> over to howard for the weather. >> all right, mike, thanks. cold this morning. not as cold as it has been. bus stop forecast temps running into the upper 20s to even middle 30s out there. you know we're seeing a couple of stray flurries out toward crosstown north of winchester. a few spots toward the west virginia panhandle. sun is up at 7:23. sets at 4:50 this afternoon. the day planner, cloudy at 9:00. can't rule out a flurry. light northwest winds about 5 miles per hour. by noon, we're seeing more sunshine from northwest. moving in toward southeast and south of town, you may still be somewhat cloudy. as the afternoon progresses, we'll see a high near 40. skies clear. by 5:00, we're down to 36. northwest winds picking up 10,
6:16 am
11 miles per hour. they'll be in the 10 to 15 range later on. so, becoming breezy. this morning, the clouds have been streaming in from the west to the east. you notice the area of snow flurries, snow showers trying to get toward us. but as we flip it over to live doppler net hd, there is not much overhead. i have moved it, zoomed it out west. here's martinsburg down to winchester. up here, some very light flurries are coming through now. paw paw back through cumberland. separating west virginia and western maryland. some light flurries. that is about it. temperatures this morning. not as uncomfortable as they have been. seeing some lower 30s in hagerstown. 30 in frederick. also, manassas down to 30. while cumberland, 32. winchester above freezing with leesburg at 34. 33 in southern maryland. here in washington this morning, we've got 35 degrees. cloudy skies. north-northwesterly wind at 8. that gives us a wind chill of 29.
6:17 am
we've had wind chills up in the single digits and teens earlier in the week. last week. so, that's not so bad. little piece of energy coming out of the great lakes. a humongous piece of energy coming again into california. dangerous situation out there with the flooding rain and the mountain snows. 13 feet in mammoth lake, california. light flurries again this morning. those will be pushing through. we'll look at the future cast. they'll be out of here fairly quickly. maybe through midmorning, still a couple of flurries. by midday, looking like sunshine moving in from north to south. we'll see more sun this afternoon than this morning. the mountains, more upslope snows that will continue for the next couple of days. as we head toward the weekend, you know, up in the air, there is a storm that is going to form. is it going to take the turn up the coast? the european? or is it going to go up to sea? we need a little more data. sunday, if it happens, sunday would be the key day. more sun later today. 40. tomorrow, windy. sunny, 38.
6:18 am
breezy friday. 40. over the weekend, a chance of a little snow christmas night. we'll have to watch coastal storm or not on sunday. remaining chilly early next week. 6:17. chris has your timesaver traffic. >> howard, our green light here continues to stay green this morning as we've got no major problems. traffic has been really light going to the overview, everything still looking good. we'll zoom on over to 66. live look here at 123 shows we're seeing volume pick up between 50 and 123. going back to our graphics, we'll check out the look at 95 northbound as we zoom in down there. live look shows us that it is slowing down two spots. prince william parkway over toward 123 and again here at the fairfax county parkway as you make your way up toward back lake road. travel times now...
6:19 am
>> more traffic at 6:24. andrea, over to you. >> our time is 6:19. time to show off the morning lights. this is a real good one: >> check out this display. from maryland. dozens of decorations and lights and displays and dolls and a whole lot more! >> a neighbor of teddy sent this in. he said teddy has been putting up the lights for more than 25 years! >> this year, teddy wasn't feeling so well. here he is dressed as santa. neighbors thought there might not be lights this year but teddy came through. his neighbors say it makes them so happy to see all of the lights this year. >> and there is still time to get in your shot. e-mail a picture to lights at include your name and where you live. >> coming up next in sports, college basketball history. the uconn women now stand alone. >> donovan mcnabb talked about being benched. you'll want to hear what the redskins quarterback has to say.
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a few flurries to our north and west. we've got some clouds around this morning. other than a stray flurry, that's what i want to say. a stray flurry, i think we're in pretty good shape today. weather computer, we'll show you what we're expecting with the clouds and occasional flurries through 9:00. as we go through the middle of the day, the skies clearing. upper 30s in town. mid-30s north here. this afternoon, we'll top out near 40 with more sun this afternoon. than this morning. mike and andrea? >> thank you, howard. >> in sports, we haven't heard
6:24 am
if president obama will be at the verizon center tonight. >> could it happen? i don't know. >> chicago bulls are taking on the wizards. tip-off at 7:00. >> last night on the ice, the capitals hosted the devils. rookie andrew gordon got his first career nhl goal and an assist. washington tops new jersey 5-1. the win moves the caps back into first place. the rightful place in their division. >> redskins quarterback donovan mcnabb still sees his future here. with the washington redskins. even though he got benched for rex grossman sunday. here's what he had to say on the radio yesterday. >> all of a sudden, you get this news, a couple of days before the game. you do feel somewhat disrespected. you could have told me earlier or at least prepared me for it. >> i haven't heard from anyone really. i haven't heard from the owner. i haven't heard from the g.m. i'm talking to the janitor a couple of times and the cook, the chefs. you know, they're doing great in case everyone wants to know. >> we were very concerned. >> he still finds a way to have
6:25 am
a sense of humor. mcnabb has been bumped to third on the depth chart when it comes to quarterback. >> well, full disclosure i'm a uconn grad. the longest winning streak in college basketball now belongs to the university of connecticut! the women! they won their 89th straight game last night topping 20th ranked florida state. uconn goes for number 90 in a row after christmas. >> looking at the fans, it is the blue man group out there. >> that's right. >> it is 6:25. still ahead, the latest on the new random bag searches on metro. >> first round of census numbers are in now. next, what that means for our region. >> but right now, chris sneed is watching the morning commute. what do you see? >> taking a live look here at steuben parkway and south capitol street. a little bit of volume into the district. overall, things are looking good. we'll have more traffic coming up for you at 6:31. and 9news now will return after these messages. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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this one actually does it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing lotion. nothing feels like it, smells like it, heals like it. gold bond. this stuff really works. this is where you get your weather first every morning. here is a live look at the capitol. 34 degrees which may sound cold. it feels a lot more palatable than 17 and high winds. it almost sort of feels warm.
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>> balmy. >> thanks for starting your wednesday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein has your forecast first. hey, howard. >> got the gloves on. the earmuffs not necessary this morning with light winds. as mike said, it is almost balmy. let's get your day planner. cloudy skies to start your wednesday. we may even see a couple of flurries this morning. we've seen them coming out of the hills in west virginia toward frederick county, virginia reporting flurries this morning. 33, 34, 35 at 9:00. noontime temp at 38. you can see some of the flurries that have been moving in from the west and the northwest there coming out of ohio through west virginia and pennsylvania. here, the bark is worse than the bite as a lot of this isn't even reaching the ground. temperatures comfortable. 30 in gaithersburg and cumberland. it is 29 across junction from steve. also 31. 33 in southern maryland. easton is at 32. sunshine this afternoon.
6:31 am
highs pushing the 40 degree mark. let's go inside to chris with your timesaver traffic. >> howard, our light has changed. we're looking at a yellow light now because we're starting to see delays set in. maybe one or two incidents. looking at the overview, things are still looking good over there. 395 northbound going out for a live look at duke street. we're still up to seminary and as you make your way across the bridge. we'll zoom in toward the district now. taking a live look here inbound new york avenue. still from the -- over to bladensburg. at the third street tunnel. about an extra minute or two there. no other incidents in the district. now, we're going to take a look at the trains. metro, no trouble there. vre on time. marc, all trains are running on time. no problems there. we'll have more traffic coming up at 6:46. andrea, over to you. >> thank you, chris. just shy of 6:32. your morning commute on metro, it could slow down a little bit. it is all in the name of terror
6:32 am
prevention. >> metro is conducting random bag checks. now, they started yesterday at the college park and braddock road stations. tsa agents picked every fifth person or so, their bags were searched and swabbed for traces of explosives. >> it is invasive. it is intrusive. i'm a law-abiding citizen. it makes me feel like i'm about ready to do something wrong. >> it's fine as long as it doesn't take too long. >> civil rights advocates argue the searches don't work and violate the constitution but police say it will disrupt the activities of potential terrorists. >> remember all of the census forms sent out last spring? well, they're finally tallied up. the numbers are in. we're learning the population growth in the united states is slowing. not the case for this region though. for the first time since the 1950s, the district's population is back above 600,000. the data released shows a net gain of 30,000 residents over the last decade which is a 5%
6:33 am
increase. >> 5% increase, people still coming to the district of columbia. they want to live here. they're excited about what we're doing with our schools. school reform and really making sure we're world-class schools. it really shows people still have confidence in the city. >> more new residents could mean more new tax dollars. that's good news since the d.c. council finalized more than $190 million in budget cuts with another $400 million possible next year. >> we have a lot more on the national census numbers and what they all mean to you. go to and look under the extra tab. crunch all of the census numbers for yourself. >> congress is moving through some major issues this week as lawmakers try to get out of town in time for the holidays. today in the senate is poised to approve the new start nuclear arms treaty with russia. it will take a test vote to cover 9-11 first responders. that comes after yesterday's approval of a stop gap funding measure to keep the government
6:34 am
open through march. saturday's repeal of the don't ask, don't tell rule will be signed into law today. lindsay mastis is live on the hill with more and a preview of what's going to happen. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. even after the repeal is passed, we'll take another 60 days to be implemented. as you can tell by the debate going on on capitol hill, the changes aren't going to take place overnight. now, the pentagon has an 87- page implementation plan but military officials have to examine and rewrite a series of policies. the president, the defense secretary and joint chiefs chairman have to certify since the repeal won't affect military readiness. they have released a study saying there are short term challenges that allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly would create very little risk long-term. >> best thing we could do to say to the american people that we're still able to come together in a bipartisan way to right a wrong. >> they will do what is asked
6:35 am
of them but don't think that it won't be a great cost. >> more than 14,000 members of the military have been discharged because of don't ask, don't tell. that policy has been in place since 1993. reporting live on capitol hill, i'm lindsay mastis, 9news now. >> thank you, lindsey. last-minute shoppers, there is help for you. not just for gifts but when it comes to christmas trees. the forest hill fire department in maryland is selling trees right up until christmas eve. the department is on old marlboro pike south of route 4 outside the beltway. it will be open all week between 5:00 and 9:00. to learn more about this story, go to our forestville page on our where you live section at there, you get news from more than 50 communities around the region. at 6:35, jessica doyle is back with another your money report. >> she has some new crash test results that came out this morning. >> that's right. crash test results from the insurance institute for highway safety out after midnight and
6:36 am
there is good news here. cars and trucks are getting safer. 66 vehicles earned the highest rankings compared to just 27 last year. every manufacturer scored at least one top safety pick. the institute conducts front, side, rollover and rear impact crash tests. models that earn the highest designation must have electronic stability control to help drivers avoid accidents. now, here are the winners. hyundai and its affiliate kia and the volkswagen and its audi brands received the most awards with nine. that was followed by eight awards apiece for general motors, ford and toyota. last year, toyota had no models on the list. all in all, 40 cars, 25 suvs and a minivan won top safety pick awards. the fcc has adopted new rules designed to ensure fair play for consumers and businesses on the internet. under these rules, cable tv and phone companies that control internet networks like at&t and comcast will be barred from
6:37 am
blocking access to competing applications or web sites. they will also not be allowed to speed up access to web sites belonging to high-paying clients. now, some are saying the so- called net neutrality rules don't go far enough. others say the government should stay out of the online business altogether. this has been a long time coming. working on these regulations. >> that's interesting. i didn't know the blockings took place. i learned something new. >> they can control the things in terms of how quickly you can get to various web sites. >> very good. jessica, thank you. sure. >> the redskins are playing santa thanks to some help from the marine corps. team handed out gifts in its locker room yesterday to more than 1,000 youngsters from across the region. santa was there not with elves but with some of the hoggities. >> you can bring any new unwrapped toy to your local firehouse and your donation will go to the marines toys for tots program. to get a complete list of the drop-off sites, go to they're still in need for
6:38 am
toys for the younger set and the teenagers. if you can help out, please do so. it is exactly 6:38. up next, howard has the forecast. will we have a white christmas or not? >> we'll see. here is a look at what's ahead on channel 9. 8:00, home for the holidays. holiday concert. maroon 5, katy perry, andrea and a lot more. then at 9:00, it is criminal minds. >> at 10:00, catch the defenders then join derek and anita for 9news now at 11. we'll be back. try this.
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welcome back to 9news now. here is howard bernstein. he has our weather first.
6:43 am
but look at this beautiful shot of the capitol. look what's down in front, the capitol christmas tree and the thousands of l.e.d. lights on it. >> gorgeous. >> saving money, looking beautiful. >> now, howard? >> unfortunately, i don't think we'll see the sunrise today. clouds are too thick for that. i think we'll see the sunset in many areas. >> we'll clear out eventually. >> this morning, you might even get a couple of flurries in one or two spots. maybe to get you in the mood for the season. if you're not there yet, you're running out of time. it is just around the corner. let's get you going with a look at the bus stop forecast. i'll show this again tomorrow and that's it. for the year. most areas are off. come friday. cloudy and cold this morning. a stray flurry or two. look at the temps though, upper 20s to mid-30s at the bus stop. much more comfortable morning than we've seen for not just this week but for much of the month. our day planner today, 8:00, cloudy. 33, 34 with a light northwest wind. less than 5 miles per hour. by noon, partly sunny.
6:44 am
we'll see more sun northern sections still kind of cloudy. south of town. 38. then as we head through the afternoon, sunshine. 37 by 4:00. look for a high near the 40 degree mark. you notice the winds are picking up here and by 8:00 p.m., now we're up to the 10 to 15. down to 33. we'll be seeing winds overnight in the 10 to 20 range. we'll be dropping to the 20s by thursday morning. clouds and reflectivity on the radar coming in here through western maryland. on top of us. however, let's go over to live doppler 9000 hd. had a report earlier in cross junction of a couple of flurries here. northern hampshire county, northern of romney, up to paw paw and cumberland, we're seeing a couple of flurries. that's it this morning. although we've got the cloudy skies. flurries on and off for the next several hours. back on the weather computer, your temperatures, it is warm. relatively speaking. 28 at frederick. 35 at washington.
6:45 am
34 fredericksburg and annapolis from lou ann. winchester at 34. charlie has 32. as well as manassas, cloudy skies. down south, both phil and jan, 41, 33. pretty comfortable morning. national is 35. we have the cloudy skies, visibility is good. if you're flying out this morning, won't have any problems. even the winds are comfortable north-northwest at 8. we do have the light system here. weaker system coming through the lakes with light snow. out west, lock what's going on in california. another area of low pressure coming onshore. eventually, this energy is going to traverse the southern part of the u.s. and end up somewhere off the southeast coast as we head into the weekend. problem for us is it is going to be close enough as we head into saturday, sunday, to give us snow which is going to slide south and east. there is going to be a storm but exactly where it tracks up east or southeast, we're still going to have to wait another day or so until we get more data. 40 degrees this afternoon with more sunshine later on.
6:46 am
20s tonight. a windy 38 on thursday. friday, breezy and 40. then the weekend, christmas day. well, we may see a little snow christmas night. and then sunday, all depends exactly where that storm monday and tuesday, behind the system, it will be blustery and cold. low 30s should do it. let's get your timesaver traffic. >> all right, howard. we got our first incident of the morning. that changed our light from green to yellow. a live look at sky 9. 95 southbound in virginia, just before 7100. we've got an accident blocking the two left lanes there. you're seeing delays as you approach the scene. northbound, you're getting a little bit of rubbernecking especially in the hov lane as you make your way up to 7100. going to the graphics overview, you can see -- starting to see yellow pop up. we zoom in on the outer loop. that's slowing us down. taking a live look here at university from new hampshire over to georgia. at about 15 minutes there. about a five minute extra drive. going back to our graphics. we're going to zoom on up to 70
6:47 am
now. we're taking a live look here. 270 here at falls road. seeing the slowdown from i-370 down to falls. that's taking you about 15 minutes as well. you'll see a slowdown as the morning goes on. finally, we'll finish up with the travel times. 66. that's got a 3-minute delay and building. inner loop from 395 up to the toll road. that's 16 minutes. that's about average right now. finally, the toll road going eastbound to the beltway, no problems there. we'll have more traffic coming up at 6:58. mike, over to you. we go to the top of the charts this morning. top downloads on itunes, number one, the soundtrack to tron legacy. by the group das punk. second, the christmas album from the cast of glee. in third, favorite of producer dan, sigh no more by mumford and sons. >> some members of that team
6:48 am
are actually federal crime- fighters. >> lesli foster shows us what's missing from store shelves and why that's a good thing. >> once you put this through use and abuse test, it produces a to be of small parts. >> mike is part of a team of federal investigators keeping dangerous products out of your home. >> going through the boxes, going through the shipments, not just a job for you. >> no, absolutely not. i'm a parent of a 5-year-old and a 5-month-old as well as a consumer. >> at this massive warehouse in newark, new jersey, success is measured in seizures. everything you see here failed to meet standards that make them safe for you and me. like these holiday lights. >> severely undersized wiring. lack of a us for a on the plug. >> then there are other toys that don't look like they're advertised. >> it doesn't look like they have any identifying tags. >> that's not all. customs and border protection officer john gives us a tour of the other fakes you won't have to fall for. >> we found problems with these
6:49 am
dvd players. they might be seized. >> christmas trees. >> a whole section just for knockoff sneakers. >> you think the common consumer can tell the difference? sometimes we have a hard time. >> of course, the handbags. >> every woman wants one of these for christmas. >> they want the real one. >> right. unsafe products are no laughing matter. last year alone, the officers here at the largest port on the east coast seized 5,000 items valued at over $48 million. and thanks to those efforts, you can shop with more ease on these days leading up to christmas. lesli foster, 9news now. investigators tell 9news now, you can trust what is in most stores but you might want to be wary of some value-driven stores where prices are really cheap. in some cases, the items you buy could be fake and pose a serious danger. just about 6:50. 35 degrees in northwest washington. >> check on the news before you go. that's up next. stay with us. >> a quick reminder, two d.c.
6:50 am
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6:53. we're look at clouds, maybe a flurry or two. we've seen a couple in virginia. temperatures this morning, 9:00, mid-30s. upper 30s by noon with more sunshine. topping out near 40. with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 36. mike and andrea? >> don't head to work or school yet. right now, we have a check of the news before you go. in just a few hours, president obama will sign into law the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. the pentagon says it is still has to come up with a plan to enact the rule. that allows gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military. >> montgomery county police are looking for whoever killed a 19-year-old man. he was found dead at a home in the glenmont area of silver spring yesterday. his name has not been released. well, check out this video
6:54 am
from littlefield, arizona. a house falling into the floodwaters and basically getting carried away. the west coast is being hammered again by some of the worst storms in over a decade. "the early show" begins in just five minutes. >> right now, russ mitchell tells us what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> coming up, at wild weather continues in california. another day of heavy rain leaves thousands of residents without power. and now the fear of mudslides is prompting evacuations. we'll go live out west with the latest. plus, lindsay lohan is under investigation for allegedly assaulting a staffer at a rehab facility in california. we'll speak exclusively to her father, michael lohan. we'll talk with the one and only oprah winfrey as she receives her kennedy center honor. andrea, of course was at the ceremony. my invitation was lost in the mail. on "the early show." >> i miss seeing russ there. it was a lot of fun. >> our time coming up on 6:55. >> one more check of traffic and weather coming up.
6:55 am
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welcome back. 6:58. we're looking at a couple of flurries. in northern virginia coming out of west virginia. you may see them there toward north of winchester. that's about it right now. fairly quiet this morning. we've got the clouds but can't rule out the isolated flurry. temperatures around 40 with afternoon sunshine. tomorrow, windy. 38. toward the weekend, chance of a little snow christmas night and then sunday, hmm, sunday. we're going to watch carefully. could be a little. could be a lot. something to stay tuned with. let's go over to chris with your timesaver traffic. >> howard, we do have some accidents to talk about. 95 southbound in virginia. just before the fairfax county parkway. this accident has been moved off to the right shoulder. you're still seeing delays down
6:59 am
toward the mixing bowl. northbound, you're slow from lauren all the way up to the mixing bowl. a little bit of rubbernecking has caused that back-up. moving over to 270, we've got a pretty bad accident here. 124. blocking the two left lanes. delays are stretching all the way back toward father hurley and growing at about 15 minutes just to get past that. going to our graphic, northbound bw parkway approaching 50, we have an accident there to watch out for. andrea? >> jess? >> as for wall street, we're looking flat this morning. we're starting from two-year highs for the major averages. that's a good sign. >> very cool. "the early show" is coming up next. they'll, of course, have more on the severe storms out west and oprah winfrey will be on. she'll be talking about her meeting with andrea -- >> yeah, right. about her kennedy center award. >> she's asking for tips about what to do now. >> our next newscast is at noon. get your news, weather and


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